Thursday, 26 May 2011

Orange, almond and yoghurt loaf

It sounds bizarre. It sounded odd to me even after reading the recipe. I couldn't quite imagine that the three things would go together. In truth there is very little yoghurt in the loaf, about 25g which is a couple of spoons worth. The almond flavour isn't too strong either as it comes from 60g of ground almonds and a sprinkle of flaked ones over the top.

The orange flavour really comes through, despite there only being a tablespoon of zest in the whole loaf. To me it smelt strange as it cooked. It didn't smell particularly pleasant but the more it baked the better it smelt.

My trustworthy taste testers declared it yummy and there is very little left now so I believe them!

Tomorrow evening I'm hosting a 'Body Shop at Home' party and I've promised lots of baked goodies to everyone who comes. My 'to bake' list reads as follows:

*Rainbow cake with white frosting (and sprinkles maybe?)
*18 vanilla cupcakes, frosted with piped buttercream, maybe pink, definitely with glitter
*Banana loaf - I've got a couple of over-ripe bananas crying out to be used
*Lemon loaf (with lemon drizzle)
*Cake pops, this time I'm trying oreo ones, dipped in white chocolate.
*Coconut slice

I might make some shortbread too so that I've got something to nibble on. If our shopping arrives early enough tonight then I might make a start on the baking list.

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