Monday, 23 May 2011

Lemon loaf and apple and oat cookies...

That's what I chose to bake in the end after much ummming and ahhhing and searching through my recipe books over and over.

I made the apple and oat cookies first, a fairly normal cookie recipe, with a mix of white and light brown soft sugar which made them extra yummy! I've never grated an apple before and I was amazed at how slimy it was, the recipe requested that I squeeze as much liquid out as possible but it was easier said than done. The recipe also (as the name suggests) had oats in, but not too many, just enough to give some crunch, and cinnamon for a hint of spice. I actually really liked these and they went down well with the girls too, I'm not sure if it's the ideal way to get the munchkins eating fruit but better than nothing I guess.

The lemon loaf with a lemon syrup drizzled over was something I'd made before and something I knew would work. I always end up with loads of mix, I'm not sure if I have small loaf tins or what but it filled my metal tin and my silicone one too. I made the syrup just before the loaves were ready and poured it over the top of them once they were out of the oven. I've had some guests taste test the lemon loaf today and it seemed to go down well.

The second lemon loaf left the house today all packaged up in a box, destined for a friend who has many times remarked that she wished she lived closer to me (due to the amount of cakes I bake) and so a parcel of lemony goodness should be with her tomorrow. It's the first time I've posted cake, I just hope it makes it in one piece (well, loaf).

I'm not baking tonight (shocking) but tomorrow I plan on making sugar cookies with the girls, and maybe some cupcakes.

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