Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Baking my FAVOURITE tomorrow...

I keep getting told off for baking things that I don't actually eat. One reason for this is the obvious - if I ate all I baked I'd be twice the size I am (and I'm not small by any means!). I keep getting accused of 'fattening people up' like a Christmas turkey. It's probably a teeny bit true, afterall as the saying goes 'God, if you can make me skinny then please make all my friends fat'.

Anyway, my favourite-est thing is bakewell tart. Warm, with cream, or custard, or icecream, or all three. The problem I have is the sheer effort and time it takes to make. It involves endless pastry 'chilling' and blind baking and such which means you need a couple of free hours before you even think about making it. I plan to make it tomorrow, either in the evening or at nap time. I might leave it chilling over lunch then do the rest at nap time.

I'm really looking forward to it. Both the making and the eating. I'll probably make another lemon loaf just to ensure that Hubby has something else to eat and so won't steal MY yummy bakewell tart!

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