Monday, 13 June 2011

Mmmmm cake

Vanilla sponge, fresh cream and strawberry jam in the middle, topped with more cream and strawberries. Simple, easy but looks pretty. I like making cakes like this, people look at them and go YUM and yet they are ever so simple!

I also made cake pops, chocolate orange cake, mixed with vanilla frosting, then dipped in melted chocolate orange. I would have taken photos but they got scoffed before they'd even properly set. I've got some more 'dough' in the freezer ready to dip so I'll make some more later and take photos then.

Tonight I've got 'baking' of the wax variety to do then I intend on making another coconut jam sandwich type doodah.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Birthdays and loaves!

I baked cupcakes and general cake for Faith's birthday and I was a bit baked-out! 

BUT yesterday I made a banana loaf (as requested) and I made the mix for a 'nutty apple loaf' which included mixed nuts, apples, strawberry jam and chocolate chips. It went down really well and is possibly the new favourite amongst the taste testers.

Tomorrow I'm going to make a lemon tart, I saw Heston on a Waitrose advert talking about it and I decided that I definitely needed to try one!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Chocolate muffins, and chocolate and coffee loaf

I was running out of ingredients so yesterday I made choc chip muffins and today (because there was only one muffin left) I made choc and coffee loaf.

I don't normally make muffins as I am much more of a cupcake person but they went down well (especially with the kiddies) and my Mum said they were like 'ones from the shop' which I think/hope was more of a compliment that insult.

The chocolate and coffee loaf has very little coffee in it and uses brown sugar. It always goes down well and it is nice and simple to make. I did take pictures but I'm too tired to upload them now. Will be baking more tomorrow as I need to do some bits for my big girl's 3rd birthday party. I want to do a simple iced vanilla sponge plus pirate cupcakes and maybe a loaf. Plus a sugar-free chocolate cake for my diabetic father-in-law. Watch this space!