Thursday, 26 May 2011

Bake-not-so-well tart

Well that was a lot of faff! I think everything that could have gone wrong with baking the tart, did. I was having one of those days where my brain was several steps behind or totally absent.

Things that went wrong:
1. The shop across the road not having ground almonds, I had some but needed more so I took to blitzing flaked almonds. It worked-ish but wasn't quite the same.
2. Pastry issues, I had trouble rolling it and keeping it together
3. I have a tart tin with a loose base, as I moved it to the fridge i put my hand through the base and the pastry (had to re-roll it)
4. Was feeling a bit flustered and totally forgot the rice and the greaseproof for the blind baking bit. I remembered a minute in, once the sides had collapsed. I then had to rebuild the edges.
5. Hubby washed my bowl of egg white away (doh).
6. I used tesco value jam which when it got hot went really watery, making things a bit soggy and making it so that you can barely taste the jam.
7. It ended up a tad undercooked.

In the end it was ok. There's not much left and the tasters seemed to enjoy it. I tried some, it was ok but it didn't blow me away.

P.S Today I'll be baking an orange, almond and yoghurt loaf

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