Sunday, 22 May 2011

An empty blog

It scares me.

I feel a bit daunted by its empty-ness and I bit doubtful as to how to fill it.

Maybe it's best to start by telling you about what I baked last. And what a disaster it was! The cookbook called them 'lemon bars' I read the recipe and decided that it seemed like something I might actually want to eat myself (probably why it didn't work out).

The recipe was easy enough, basically a biscuit style base cooked first and then a lemony-eggy-sugary mixture poured on top and then baked again, Unfortunately I over-cooked it due to two problems.

1. Leaving it until the end of the cooking time before checking it
2. Not knowing the tin size - I just used any old tin and I think it meant my topping was too shallow.

The whole thing was rock hard and nearly impossible to slice. I made it in a rush last night as it needed to set in the fridge overnight and I was a little disappointed this morning. BUT actually, if you take a middle bit rather than the edge and if you ignore the fact it's impossible to get a neat slice then it doesn't taste too bad. It is lemony and biscuit-y and just about ok.

I plan on baking something else this evening once the munchkins are in bed. I haven't decided what yet though. Watch this space...

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